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Embrace the essence of Burkina Faso with Baobabs Apparel’s exclusive collection of Faso Dan Fani scarves. Each piece is a testament to the nation’s heritage, where “Dan Fani” translates to the “woven loincloth of the fatherland.” Our scarves are more than just accessories; they are a narrative woven into the very fabric of tradition.

Our Sarf are roughly 29 cm wide and 209 cm long.

Crafted with care, our scarves embody the spirit of unity and resilience championed by the revered leader Thomas Sankara, who fervently promoted local cotton production. The cotton blooms under the Burkinabé sun, spun by the skilled hands of women, and dyed in a palette that mirrors the vibrant soul of Africa. Men then meticulously weave these threads on horizontal looms, creating strips of various widths that harmonize into a loincloth—a symbol of identity and pride.

Light yet resilient, each scarf from Baobabs Apparel is a wearable piece of art, offering a blend of cultural richness and contemporary elegance. Adorn yourself with a narrative of sustainability and style that resonates with the echoes of Sankara’s vision.

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