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Denim & Yellow Kente – Heritage RainGuard Reversible  Trench Coat – Unisex

Elevate your urban style to new heights with the Oversized Hoodie Reversible WaterResistant Trench Coat with African Print.

Created for Urban Fashion Enthusiasts and Creative Professionals seeking a harmonious blend of fashion and functionality, this unisex masterpiece embodies versatility and cultural expression.

Unveil a world of possibilities where classic lines meet vibrant African patterns, all while staying protected from the elements.


  • All-Weather Confidence: Conquer unpredictable weather in style with this water-resistant trench coat. Designed to keep you dry and comfortable, its exceptional resilience ensures you’re always ready for the urban jungle, rain or shine.
  • Dynamic Reversibility: Seamlessly switch between two captivating looks in an instant. Transform your appearance from classic sophistication to a burst of African vibrancy, catering to every mood and occasion effortlessly.
  • Empowerment through Style: Celebrate your individuality with this coat’s African print, representing diverse cultures and your creative spirit. Stand out and make a statement that’s uniquely you, while embracing ethical and sustainable fashion choices.


  • Water-Resistant Fabric: Crafted from high-quality water-resistant material, this trench coat offers reliable protection against light rain and drizzles, making it an essential companion for city dwellers on the go.
  • Reversible Design: Experience the freedom to express your style with a reversible coat that seamlessly transitions between classic and African-inspired prints, giving you the power to curate your image.
  • Functional Hoodie: The removable oversized hoodie provides both style and practicality, enhancing your comfort and adding a modern twist to the traditional trench coat silhouette.

Indulge in a fashion experience that blends creative expression with functional design. The Oversized Hoodie Reversible WaterResistant Trench Coat with African Print is not just an accessory – it’s your passport to an urban adventure where style and practicality intertwine.

Embrace a coat that celebrates culture, empowers individuality, and equips you to navigate any environment with confidence and flair.

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